About Me

Beth Adele LongMy name is Beth Adele Long. I live in Portland, Oregon, a river city between mountain ranges, where I drink tea, run trails, take things apart, read voraciously, and write on fine paper with a variety of beloved pens.

I write fiction and travelogues, and occasional scribbles that have little to do with technology and everything to do with wonder and magic, life and desire, death and mystery.

From my living room window, on a cloudless day, I can see Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helen, and (if it’s exceptionally clear) Mount Rainier, as well as the Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Tillikum Crossing, and Marquam Bridge. I watch swifts, jays, crows, buzzards, hummingbirds, hawks and the occasional bald eagle from my bedroom, and I glory in the wealth of trees. I love fog.

By day, I’m an engineer-turned-manager at a profoundly awesome startup, Jeli.io. If you’re interested in things like resilience and complex systems, you can check out my more tech-oriented site, bethadele.io.