About Me

Welcome to my flourish in the rococo world of the intertubes.

My name is Beth Adele Long. I’m employed by a fabulous company in Portland, Oregon where I write and think and code and talk about DevOps, joint cognitive systems, and reliability in complex systems. If you’re interested in those topics, you can check out my more tech-oriented site, bethadele.io. (You know it’s cool by the TLD.)

Of course, I write and talk about other things, too. I write fiction and travelogues, and the occasional essay or blog post that has nothing to do with technology, but a lot to do with wonder and magic, life and desire, death and mystery.

I’m very happy to have been car-free for several years. I walk and take public transit a lot. I mostly travel at human speeds, learning the shapes of the sidewalks, the smells of the seasons. I own a lot of waterproof things, so Portland winters don’t dent my walking wanderlust.

When I travel, I function much as I do at home: I take public transit, drink tea, go to the grocery store, find bookstores and libraries. I love paper books and am terrific at traveling light except for my propensity to buy books wherever I go. (I really need a global library card.)

From my living room window, on a cloudless day, I can see Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helen, and (if it’s exceptionally clear) Mount Rainier, as well as the Fremont Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Tillikum Crossing, and Marquam Bridge. I watch swifts, jays, crows, buzzards, hummingbirds, hawks and the occasional bald eagle from my bedroom, and I glory in the wealth of trees. I love fog.

I practice Ashtanga yoga, drink tea, am terrible at calendaring, write elaborate checklists, adore board games, and refuse to learn whether you’re supposed to swipe left vs. right and also Starbucks beverage sizes. I think the way most people interpret gender is weird and delusional, trying to collapse a splendid profusion of attributes into dull extremes. Apply that same attitude to sexual orientation, relationship structure, and literary genres, and you’ve got a decent sense of my stance on things.