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About Beth

Salutations, fellow traveler among the intertubes.

My name is Beth (Adele Long). I’m a recovering Calvinist with witchy aspirations. I identify as a queer pagan HSP writer/software engineer. Portland, Oregon is my beloved home base for adventures, on planes physical and otherwise.

By day I write code. I used to write a lot of fiction as well, but lately most of my typing results in stuff that compiles. Fiction and code have more in common than you might expect: both require a lot of time editing and rewriting; both involve hours of typing while wired into a carefully chosen playlist; both cause soul-searing agony when things are going really badly; and both require a certain intuitive analysis, a blend of intellectual rigor and pure gut-level cowhand bravado.

I have a proliferation of interests, including user experience, systems thinking, interpersonal neurobiology, data visualization, Tarot, and deep ecology.

I’ve spent a bit of time in amateur theater, both acting and stage managing. I’ve also lovingly crafted the soundtracks for quite a number of theater productions. (My father raised me in the ways of the mix tape. I take my lineage seriously.) I practice Ashtanga yoga, boogie board (when given access to ocean waters), hike, and obsess over trees, birds, and architecture. I drink a lot of tea.

If you feel moved to correspond, you can drop a line by addressing an email to me at this domain name (literally: “me” at “bethadele dot com”). I’m on LinkedIn, for what it’s worth. And you can find me in Tweetsville: @BethAdeleLong.