Am I not your shoreline, your mast, your unwalked plank?

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My echo, my sea, my unfurled sail,

I write this on a piece of seaweed with ink supplied by an obliging octopus. You will be amused to hear that I sit in the belly of the Great Fish. Not “a” great fish, but “the” Great Fish, evidenced by Aramaic graffiti: “Jonah was here.”

I was on my way to find you, my midnight, my sleep, my guiding constellation. Years ago, when I believed in Great Fish and magic and true love. But before I found you, knowledge scrubbed away my understanding. I lost my way in a gray land and almost forgot you existed. Until that Wild and Crazy Guy tossed me flailing into the sea. No life vest, no rubber dinghy, just my terror and a wide plane of blue. The icy shock of it woke me, and when I realized I wasn’t going to die, I remembered you.

Eventually this Great Fish will shit me into the murky ocean, and then my journey begins. I will commission a mermaid to relay this message to you, and I will begin my search. You know I’m not a fine swimmer, but I will swim like a dolphin to find you.

Did you doubt me? Am I not your shoreline, your mast, your unwalked plank? From the gut of this beast of doubt, I am coming for you.

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