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How’s this for simple? Tweet the name of a book you’ve read to @ivread and the site automatically looks up the title and creates an entry for that book. No sign-up necessary; your Twitter handle is your I’vRead username.

Here’s what I love about this:

  • No account registration needed. I don’t have to remember yet another login.
  • It leverages existing technology that’s already part of my life. Tiniest learning curve ever.
  • It has inherent redundancy. My information is available in my Twitter history as well as on I’vRead, so if I’vRead ever goes away, I still have all my data on Twitter.
  • I get to choose whether to share book posts with my Twitter followers or not, depending on the format of my tweet.

I have a GoodReads account (I think — it’s been a while, so I’d have to remember what my username, which email account I used to sign up, what my password is…), but I’m giving I’vRead a whirl before going back to GoodReads. Its sheer elegance deserves a good trial run.