Life, the Universe & Everything

May the Lord Be With You

“And also with you.”

Today I saw Christ at work in the world. And if you know me well — the queer pagan who gets anxiety attacks in church buildings — that will sound odd, but it’s true. I saw the Christ I knew as a child, before doctrine and TULIP and fear and shame and orthodoxy clouded my eyes. The Christ who walked out into the world, who met the world in all its painful messiness, who accepted and healed and pitched a fit worthy of a diva in the temple.

I met her at a bus stop, because I had locked myself out of my office and was walking home. We walked together. I mostly listened, because I didn’t have anything useful to say.

Are you reading this? You called me an angel, but perhaps we were angels for each other. Bringing a glimpse of what the other person needed to see on this one day. Go here and re-connect.