St. Louis Arch - St. Louis, Missouri

On the Road Again

We hit the road again tomorrow, heading back to Maryland. A possible trip to Omaha to visit my brother ended up not happening thanks to my work schedule and extensive road closures between Kansas City and Omaha. I’m sad not to see my brother, and a little disappointed not to get to see Omaha, but not disappointed in the way I would have been if I’d narrowly missed a chance to go to Oahu, for example.

So it’s back across the centerline of the country tomorrow. I’ll be curious to see what the trees are doing along our route. During the weekend’s cold snap, some of the trees here in the neighborhood acquired random shocks of red and yellow. I guess some branches got excited about autumn while others were less keen on getting that close to winter. So we might get some hints of autumn color during the drive.

In meantime, I’m working around the clock. If all goes well, I can go to bed tonight, instead of sometime in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. Oh, what a delicious thought!