What You Think You Want vs. What’s Best

I’m typing this on my mom’s iPad. I am delighted to discover that if I have an iPad, I can use it for writing, Internet, phone (via Skype), music player, camera, and eReader. I’d had this idea that in order to travel the world, I’d need to assemble a kit of electronic appliances. Nay nay. No laptop needed. I can probably get by without a cell phone too, thanks to Skype and its ilk.

One slim electronic device and one tiny Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Back everything up online in case of theft or damage, and voila.

This reminds me why it’s good to hold lightly to lists (manifestation lists, goals, whatever). I had in mind to acquire a laptop and eReader, when an iPad would do more, cost less, and be much more portable, which is priority #1.