Kansas Flowers


Every afternoon, you can hear the rattle of the M&M or Hershey’s Kisses jar in the living room. My grandpa is getting his vitamin C. (That’s “C” for “chocolate.”) At 94, I think a person ought to be able to eat M&M’s every afternoon without concern.

In the meantime, I step outside, away from my computer, for some old-fashioned vitamin D. I had a cold over the weekend, for which I took extensive amounts of zinc in the form of honey lemon Cold-Eeze, which drastically reduced the severity and duration of said cold. As promised on the box, and how often does that happen? Anyway, I try to get outside for a little while on days it’s not raining.

Sunday afternoon we had the first break in several days of cold and rain. I walked down to the pasture, past the purple flowers whose name I do not know, and greeted the horses. A lovely dark mare snuffed around me and decided I merited some attention. I rubbed her nose, then her flank. She nosed my pocket as though she were looking for something, so I went back to the house and brought her a carrot, in which she had absolutely no interest. She must already get her vitamin K elsewhere. So then I wondered if she was just nuzzling me out of affection, and felt rather silly for having walked away, but figured she didn’t much mind.

Right now I’m fondly thinking about vitamin S, as in Sleep, but I won’t be getting any for a while, as I’ve overindulged in one of my favorite activities, aka Overcommitting, and it’s time to burn some midnight oil and see how much I can get done in a sixteen-hour day.