Bird Bath

Water and Air

I’m a Libra rising, Pisces sun on the cusp of Aquarius, Cancer moon, which probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you’re really into astrology.

I often hate to admit that I’m into astrology. Because it makes me seem, you know, flaky. And seeming flaky is anathema to a Libra rising, who’s all about beauty and elegance and charm and balance and appearing perfectly put together and perceptive and understanding. But I’m a Pisces sun sign on the cusp of Aquarius, which of course means I’m destined to be enthralled by all things mystical and enlightening.

Or not.

Regardless, I am a Libra rising, and I amĀ  enthralled by all things mystical and enlightening, and the fact of the matter is that I do find astrology enlightening. My chart is liberally sprinkled with Pisces and Cancer, which points to intense emotions, strong intuition, and an overwhelming need to Be Unique and Be Noticed. Yup. That’s me. Happily, I’ve got enough Libra and Aquarius air energy to lighten things up. With Libra rising, the face I present to the world is social, balanced, understanding, and easygoing; and having Mercury in Aquarius means I communicate with that wonderful Aquarian vibe: innovative, engaged, always keen to get to the core of an issue. Water is so personal and subjective, and I’m thankful that I have some Air energy to provide objectivity. Because honestly, all that Water sometimes threatens to drown a person.

Ye gods I know this all sounds ridiculous, but here’s my take on astrology: there are rhythms and patterns to the universe. Everything interrelates; I do believe this to be true. Over the centuries, humans have discovered connections between the rhythms of the planets and our own personal rhythms. Thus I’m not the way I am because I was born under such-and-such a sign; I simply am the way I am, and the arrangement of the cosmos at the time of my birth correlates to the arrangement of my psyche. Clever interpretation offers useful insights.

Like so many things, this perspective on the world appears either bat-shit crazy or elegant. I think the most useful perspectives are both bat-shit crazy and elegant, hence astrology’s appeal. Seems to me, reality itself is so gonzo and improbable that our explanations for it had better be a little tweaked as well.

But of course that’s what a Pisces would think.